About Jan Jones

Jan Jones was bringing disruptive innovation to the executive assistant role long before the term came into use. An iconoclast and original thinker, Jan’s vision of the pivotal role a high-performing executive assistant plays in the business world gets executive assistants excited about how they, too, can apply their passion and knowledge to become a cutting-edge executive assistant.

With 20 years of proven worldwide expertise, honed on a daily basis in the international halls of business, Jan raised the role of executive assistant to an art form through her mastery of what she calls “The Tangible and Intangible Characteristics” of an exceptional executive assistant, which she lays out in her highly-acclaimed book, “The CEO’s Secret Weapon". Characteristics include an exquisite command of the EA role's fundamentals, thinking comprehensively, sound judgment, know-how and flawless execution.

Through her book and her live presentations, Jan infuses assistants with a desire to rise to levels of greatness rarely seen in an executive assistant. Learn the passionate, creative thinking that goes into being a peerless, high performance EA, to transform your experience of your role as an executive assistant forever. If you are ready to say goodbye to mediocrity and catapult into an enterprising, resourceful, superior executive assistant, read Jan’s book and invite her to share her one-of-a-kind expertise at your next event.