Jan Jones

Jan Jones relishes the opportunity to mentor and speak with executive assistants. In her presentations for Executive Assistants, she uses examples from her real-world experience, sharing powerful concepts and practical tools to help EAs realize mastery starts with them taking ownership of the role. With Jan’s guidance, assistants develop a sense of purpose and re-think their productivity and effectiveness through excelling in the core competencies that drive and influence the EA’s day-to-day role.

Jan will infuse you with a desire to rise to levels of greatness rarely seen in an executive assistant. Learn the passionate, creative thinking that goes into being a peerless, high performance EA, to transform your experience of your role as an executive assistant forever. If you are ready to say goodbye to mediocrity and catapult into an enterprising, resourceful, superior executive assistant, invite Jan Jones to share her one-of-a-kind expertise at your next event.

Jan's presentations for Executives and Business Owners is equally forthright and dynamic. She discusses how executives can capitalize on the skills and talents of an exceptional executive assistant, what are the must-have characteristics executives should be looking for in a top-notch assistant and why they should not settle for anything less. Jan dispels the myths surrounding the executive-assistant relationship and gets you clear on why a high-functioning executive assistant is an absolute must for an executive’s productivity and effectiveness.

Why Executive Assistants Need CEO-Level Training. EA Leadership Forum Australia 2016


How Executive Assistants Can Be Effective Leaders™
Henry Ford famously said “You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader”. In this keynote session, Jan Jones discusses the courage and skill set required for executive assistants to function as their executive’s deputy without the benefit of a title to back them up, while making tough decisions, getting results and keeping stakeholders on side.


The CEO’s Secret Weapon: How Great Leaders and Their Assistants Maximize Productivity and Effectiveness™
This program is offered for either an executive audience, or an assistant audience and is tailored accordingly.

Building Critical Strengths: The Tangible and Intangible Characteristics of Highly Effective Executive Assistants™

Start Thinking Bigger: What Executives Want From The EA Alliance™
This program is offered for either an executive audience, or an assistant audience and is tailored accordingly.

Crucial Characteristics Of Exceptional Executive Assistants™
(and Why They Should Matter To You)

In Conversation with Jan Jones

In this interactive session, author Jan Jones delves into her exhaustive experience as an esteemed executive assistant to offer profound insights on topics of your choice. With her experience as a former executive assistant and currently as an executive, Jan provides rare insights from the perspective of the assistant and the business owner. Enjoy a frank, honest, nothing-off-limits conversation that cuts through jargon and hype, getting to the heart of what it takes to operate as an ultra high-level executive assistant. The In Conversation sessions are offered for executive groups and assistant groups.


“Jan Jones’ session left me truly inspired to grow and excel in my role and provided tangible thoughts and ideas I feel I can put to use right away!”  ~ Jessica Reese, Concur

“Jan Jones really understands the administrator’s role and how to thrive in the profession”. ~ Dorothy Connell, Assistant to the CEO, Agilent Technologies

“Jan is a dynamic fire cracker who graciously shared strategies of her successful partnerships with CEOs & high profile executives. I am hoping to incorporate her suggestions to further elevate my game supporting my executive”. ~ Bonnie Savage, Avaya, Inc.

“Jan, I attended the Virtual Summit last Friday and loved your performance”. ~ Elena Lopez, Valencia, Spain

“I was first introduced to Jan Jones when my assistant recommended her book, The CEO's Secret Weapon. Reading Jan's book broadened my view on not only how my assistant could and should be best supporting me but in how I can best support her. The additional insights and tools I gained have helped further strengthen our CEO/EA partnership. Becoming a firm supporter of and seeing the value in the EA role encouraged me to send my EA to Jan's training and I was fortunate enough to have Jan speak to my Vistage group. Jan has a vast knowledge and wealth of experience, both as an EA and an executive, that is coupled with a passion to train and educate executives and their assistants alike.” ~ Jason Lovelady, President, Carpenter’s Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. Altec Roofing


Jan at "The CEO's Secret Weapon" book signing (Sydney, Australia)    


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To Book Jan Jones for an
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