Do you really need an executive assistant?

If you are an Executive interested in this book
, the answer is most likely a resounding ‘Yes!’

Executives often fail to capitalize on the immense resource sitting right outside their office in the person of an exceptional executive assistant; that enterprising solutions provider who functions as the executive’s business ally and “right arm”, maximizing the executive's time and productivity.

As you read this book, you will discover the genesis of the formidable talents that are the hallmark of exceptional assistants, and understand the value they can bring to you. Throughout the book you will hear from executives and assistants who gave the author a candid look into their day-to-day activities, the expectations and demands on the executive-assistant relationship, as well as their advice for how executives and assistants can work successfully and productively together. As you read about these assistants, you will begin to understand why you should not settle for anything less than a stellar assistant who knows what you need and how to give it to you, who will help your day flow smoothly by shouldering all the minutiae that distracts your focus, getting in the way of you having a productive and rewarding day.

The CEO’s Secret Weapon provides not only the inspiration to achieve a successful business partnership, but also provides know-how and practical tools to recruit, train and work on a day-to-day basis with an exceptional assistant, showing you how to put their exemplary talents to good use.  Jan Jones sets a high bar and pulls no punches in exhorting executives to strive to find and work with only the very best exemplars of the executive assistant role.

If you are an Executive Assistant interested in this book,

consider the numerous assistants from around the world who have told the author they “see” themselves in this book, that this is the book they “have been waiting for” and this book is their “bible”.

As you read The CEO’s Secret Weapon you will discover why it has resonated so deeply with executive assistants. It offers a straightforward, honest assessment of the true purpose of the executive assistant role and what it takes for an assistant to reach levels of expertise that make them masters of the EA role. Jan Jones speaks from her direct experience as a renowned executive assistant with over 20 years of international expertise under her belt. Today, as an executive seated on the other side of the desk, Jan sheds light on how assistants can ramp up their efforts to increase their value and provide customized support to their executive through using initiative to spearhead projects, exercising sound judgement in decision making, developing critical thinking ability, being quick off the mark, enhancing communication, collaboration and a host of other required skills that will help executive assistants grow in stature and be considered executive material.


Impressively well written and thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in tone, content, organization and presentation, The CEO’s Secret Weapon will prove to be of enormous value and interest to anyone contemplating the engagement of an executive assistant, or who already has one and would like to maximize the value of that executive assistant to themselves and to their company. Very highly recommended for corporate, community, and academic library. - Jewish Hit Squad, Midwest Book Review

As my executive assistant, Jan managed my ever-changing calendar, voluminous correspondence, time-sensitive complex projects and all contacts with the public at large. Because I travel constantly, I counted on her to act as my personal representative to the public, media and corporate office. In a typical day, she spoke to the most influential people in the world, including our clients, who always felt special because of her genuine and professional manner. - Tony Robbins, Author, Entrepreneur & Peak Performance Strategist

Jan Jones represented me for over 10 years. She is a paragon of responsibility, both from a financial and a leadership perspective. When Jan says she will do something, she invariably does, with integrity, dignity and humor. She has made it possible for me to do what I do because she always does what she does...handles all the details of very difficult and complex assignments, with aplomb, confidence and, as I said, but cannot say too often because it matters so much to me, with dignity. - Michael Gerber, The World’s #1 Small Business Guru

Jan Jones is a true architect of success. She’s a master of human relations. Her ability to make things happen and her intuition about what makes people tick, is a powerful combination. - Jon Schulberg, Director, Tony Robbins Personal Power Infomercial; President, Schulberg Media Works

Two world business icons I admire - Richard Branson and Donald Trump - have shared with Jan Jones how they stay ahead of the game. In her book, Jan (a former top EA herself) provides an insider's look into how executives can give themselves the advantage of a Branson or a Trump, through a powerful working partnership with a top-level assistant. - Khaled Baydoun, Founder & CEO, Bookurstar Middle East & North Africa Region

Jan Jones knows her stuff. I’ve never met her equal at getting things done effectively. Jan organizes events large and small and somehow manages to keep everyone involved on task and focused on the goal. Executives and assistants alike will benefit from the wisdom she shares in this book. - Rick Olafsson,
Co-Founder Appy Entertainment, Inc.

This book is a master class in how to lift and leverage the vital yet often overlooked relationship between leaders and the great people who support them to be their consistent best. It’s about creating the winning synergy, support and savvy that can transform your business and life. I’ve benefited greatly from Jan’s sage insight on this topic and am thrilled she’s now sharing her mastery with the world. - Matthew Cross, Fortune 100 Strategist & CEO, LeadershipAlliance

I've worked with Jan Jones for over 20 years. Jan's experience has provided us with valuable insights and she is a stand-out individual with her level of professionalism and integrity. Jan worked with The Growth Faculty to develop our Executive Assistants Leadership Forum, which has been an outstanding success. With this book, assistants worldwide will have access to Jan’s expertise on how they can develop powerful partnerships with their executives, while increasing their own productivity and effectiveness.
– Karen Beattie, Managing Director, The Growth Faculty, Australia

Jan has finally written the book so many executives and assistants have repeatedly asked her to write, about how executives and their assistants can work together effectively. This book will be invaluable to executives and assistants who want to maximize their productivity and develop their partnership. I can attest to this as I've worked closely with Jan in some very demanding, high level positions. Over many years I have admired her ability to smoothly handle any crisis professionally, never compromising her standards, always making sure she delivered results for her boss. In my career, I have successfully applied many of this book’s lessons from closely observing Jan at work. – Suzanne M. Kelly, MSOL; Editor, Urantia International Journal;
Secretary, Urantia International Association, Texas Branch

Jan Jones is the epitome of a professional….in my book that means positive, tenacious, resourceful, reliable and gracious. A winning combination, but not a common one. Executives and assistants will benefit greatly from the advice Jan shares in this book. – Dana Kyle, former assistant to Dr. Ken Blanchard;
Knowledge Sharing Administrator, The Ken Blanchard Companies

The CEO’s Secret Weapon book made a huge impact on my current role and I raved about it. It eventually made its way around my company to other EAs, and I had to buy a second copy. It is the best book I have read on the role, and I am an avid reader. Every EA should read it. – Liz Welker, Executive Administrator to Chief Banking Officer, First United Bank