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For Executives:

Executives: If you don’t appreciate the value of a top-notch assistant, you’re missing out! Read ‘The CEO’s Secret Weapon’ by Jan Jones. ~ Dr. Ken Blanchard, Leadership Consultant, Author, “The One Minute Manager”

Your Executive Assistant Is Your Secret Weapon

All over the world, CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers are looking for a unique business advantage - the one idea, strategy, or tactic that will give them an advantage over their competitors. Yet how many executives are taking full advantage of the biggest asset they have, one that can increase their productivity and their competitive advantage?

If you are an executive with an executive assistant, your Secret Weapon is right under your nose. Your assistant is an immense resource who frees up your time, gets minutiae off your desk, stays one step ahead of you and keeps anything and everything that is a hindrance to your productivity away from you. They understand your needs, what makes you tick, how you prefer things done. They understand that the role of the executive assistant is to give back time to the executive.

Would you like to have such a champion in your corner? Would you like to develop a successful partnership with your assistant, or learn how to find and retain a top assistant, read Jan Jones’ highly-acclaimed book. Invite Jan to speak at your next company or association event.

For Executive Assistants:

Thank you for giving me words to better describe what I truly do and the impact of my work. The book is helpful for assistants and their bosses in highlighting the benefits of finding the right match and how taking the time to develop a relationship built on trust is incredibly valuable. ~ Minerva Sanchez Rudman, Senior Executive Assistant, Ontario, Canada

You are Your Executive’s Brand Ambassador and Second Self

Your executive hires you for the variety of skills, talent and mindset you bring to the role. Executives want an assistant who is an accomplished business ally, someone who understands their priorities and always represents them in the best light. In “The CEO’s Secret Weapon” Jan Jones discusses a range of attributes of top-notch assistants, including The Tangible and Intangible Characteristics of exceptional executive assistants. Developing these essential characteristics will help you to position yourself as a compelling brand, and establish your credentials as a power player in the executive assistant profession.

Ready to bring another dimension to your role as executive assistant? Read Jan’s book and find out why so many executive assistants around the world refer to it as their bible. If you know it’s time to propel your performance into high gear, invite Jan Jones to speak at your next company or networking event.

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Why You Need an Expert Assistant

HR needs transformational thinking when recruiting exec assistants

HR recruiters have not educated themselves about this special category of assistants.

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The CEO’s Secret Weapon: A Second Self

In The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker wrote “The executive is, first of all, expected to get the right things done”. Long before Drucker uttered those famous words, generations of astute executives were working in trusted partnerships with assistants who constantly asked “What needs to be done and how do I make it happen?”

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Featured Video

In Conversation: Jan Jones with JJ Birden


How Executive Assistants Can Go from “Underdog" to MVP (Most Valuable Player)

A prevailing sentiment with executive assistants is that they sometimes feel like an Underdog – undervalued, underrated, under-respected, under-utilized. JJ Birden knows a thing or two about being considered an Underdog. At 5’10 and 157 pounds, he was “A small man in a big man’s game,” because in the NFL the average player is 6’2 and weighs 245 pounds. 

This is my conversation with JJ Birden, former wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. JJ says being an underdog gives you a Stealth Opportunity to win. An opportunity that can make you a Secret Weapon. While reading JJ’s book, When Opportunity Knocks, 8 Surefire Ways to Take Advantage, I saw many topics that are particularly applicable to executive assistants. However, JJ’s formula for success is pertinent for everyone who is committed to succeeding, no matter the odds. 


  • 06:08   Master the Underdog Mentality. Use It to Your Advantage
  • 08:46   What is Your Competitive Advantage? Learn to Maximize It
  • 09:57   JJ’s Formula for Discovering what Made Him Unique and Special
  • 11:47   What is Opportunity? Seizing Your Opportunity in Life and Work
  • 12:47   Opportunity Doesn’t Always Present Itself. You Have to Create it
  • 13:05   How to Get Noticed. How to Get Your Foot in the Door
  • 15:30   How to Anticipate and Create Opportunities
  • 16:45   Anticipation Must be Backed by Preparation
  • 17:15   Everyday is Game Day - Bring Your Best Every Day
  • 18:43   Avoid Complacency and the Entitlement Mentality
  • 19:10   Succeeding like Joe Montana
  • 20:05   How to Remain the Best of the Best
  • 20:33   Adopt a Positive Growth Mindset - Be in Control
  • 24:21   Mentorship: Taking You to the Next Level with Honest Feedback
  • 26:33   Lead from the Front
  • 27:55   Understand Your “Why.” Why do You do What you Do?
  • 30:52   Doing “Why" Checkups - Consistently Give Your Best
  • 32:15   Be Willing to Do What It Takes
  • 32:58   Making Daily Incremental Improvements
  • 33:20   Continue Working on Your Fundamental Skillset
  • 33:54   Mastery is About Practice. Willing to Put in the Work
  • 35:43  The Sky is the Limit. You Control You Attitude, Effort, Commitment

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