Doug Carter

Widely acknowledged as one the best interactive trainers in the world, Doug Carter's business credentials include serving as CEO for the Tony Robbins companies, and 10 years as one of Dale Carnegie’s top 3 trainers in the world. He has created and taught seminars for major brand names, particularly in the financial and business advisory fields. Over 30 years, Doug has conducted over 10,0000 talks, workshops, and coaching sessions to almost 11 million people on four continents. His primary focus is working with CEOs and business executives, helping them to reach specific business goals through personal and group coaching.

Doug is known for providing down-to-earth, practical ideas that are specifically designed to strengthen the communication between executives, their teams and clients. His unique training methods allow clients the ability and confidence to implement new skills immediately, which means productivity increases NOW! Doug’s training strategies create sustainable, positive change.

CEO-Level Training for Executive Assistants


How Exceptional EAs Create Highly Effective Business Partnerships with Their Executive

  • Get the CEO’s perspective on what the assistant must do to elevate their game.
  • What steps do assistants need to take to function at the “partnership” level?
  • What talents and skills does an assistant need in order to develop the role and be considered an exceptional executive assistant?
  • How to build the relationship so the executive will view the assistant’s role as a “partnership”.

The CEO’s Secret Weapon:
The Missing Piece to Moving Your Assistant Partnership to the Next Level

  • This is an interactive learning experience designed to give the executive and the assistant practical working tools to ramp up effectiveness and dramatically increase execution levels.
  • Increase communication tools between executive and assistant to make an immediate difference.
  • Discover the missing link that keeps executives from getting maximum investment from their executive assistant.
  • Discover what the assistant needs from the executive in order to do their job at the highest levels.
  • Discover what the assistant wants the executive to know, and what they don’t want the executive to know.
  • Learn what the executive can do to help the assistant grow in the job and become an effective resource.

The Expectations Conversation™:
The Quick and Easy Way to Build Trust and Respect Between Executive & Assistant

  • Learn a series of simple questions to predictably moves the conversation to a higher level of trust and respect between the executive and assistant.
  • Unparalleled insights and strategies for the assistant to consistently meet the boss’ expectations while discovering their capacity for outstanding performance.
  • Build the foundation of a trusting relationship and decrease the odds of a future upset caused by not understanding or meeting each other’s expectations.


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To Book Doug Carter for an
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