Jan Jones, Author
Jan Jones is founder and president of Jan Jones Worldwide, a bespoke speakers bureau which evolved from her industry experience as executive assistant to author and personal development icon, Tony Robbins.

Do you really need an executive assistant? If you're reading this book, the answer is most likely a resounding 'Yes!'

Executives often fail to capitalize on the immense resource sitting right outside their office in the person of an exceptional executive assistant. That solutions-oriented individual who adds value by enhancing the executive's productivity, elevating their performance and functioning as their indispensable business partner and 'right arm.'

As you read this book, you will discover the genesis of the formidable talents that are the hallmark of exceptional assistants, and understand the value they can bring to you. Throughout the book you will hear from dozens of executives and close to one hundred assistants, who gave the author a candid look into their day-to-day activities, the expectations and demands on the executive-assistant relationship, as well as their advice for how executives and assistants can work successfully and productively together. As you read about these assistants, you will begin to understand why you should not settle for anything less than a stellar assistant who knows what you need and how to give it to you, who will smooth out your life and make your workday a rewarding experience.

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Jan Jones is honored to present a selection of the world’s leading trainers of assistants and executives on the subject of executive- assistant productivity and effectiveness.

Adam is a consultant and practitioner who offers teaching, training and self- development programs for executive assistants, personal assistants and administrators.
Heather has been facilitating programs for executive assistants and managers for 25 years in all areas of personal impact, offering her programs globally.
Debbie is Chief Executive Assistant at Cisco. She has over 20 years experience in the administrative field.

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I’m convinced that what sets the exceptional executive assistant apart from the good, or even the very good assistant, are the intangible traits.

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